How I got a job as a developer at 16

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In this article, I want to talk about how I got my first job as a web developer at 16 having 0 experience.


I started coding at 15 in Python and then after a few months, I switched to web development. I learned HTML and CSS from Freecodecamp where I also built a few front-end projects.

I understood media query in CSS and I was able to build responsive websites using them (this helped me get the job).

Where I found the job

I was really active on Reddit and one day I found a subreddit with developers from my country. I made a post where I told everyone what I was doing and that I was looking to work on some projects during the summer.

I thought that no one will see my post but I was wrong. A guy who had a start-up saw the post and asked me if I want to make their website responsive because he really liked the websites I built in the past.

How I got the job

We had a phone call and we talked about things related to the job. After that, he gave me two simple tasks that I solved using media query.

He really liked my work so I got hired for 3 months.

What I did next

In the first 2 months, I made all their website responsive and changed the design of a few features.

After that, I talked with the senior developer from that start-up and I told him that I can do some Javascript tasks too so he gave me some simple ones.

Now, how can you get a job too

Based on my past experience I can only recommend you to find some online communities with developers from your country and tell them what are you working on and that you are looking for a job.

You never know who sees the post you make and you might get a job as I did.

What's next?

Now that I no longer have a job I'll focus more on learning Javascript and building more front-end projects, you can follow me on Twitter as I continue to document my journey there.

Abdulsalam's photo

Waw! That's really great! So happy to see this and hope it could help me as well.... Keep up the great work.... More grease to your elbow.

Okere chinedu Victor's photo

Amazing pasca, love your drive and the fact your are sharing your experience that's a plus! Keep learning keep going the sky is your limit!!❤️

Pasca Vlad's photo

Thanks Okere, really appreciate your support

Tanimowo Emmanuel's photo

Wow!..i'm 17,started out coding early this year..I'm way more inspired now! Thanks! Pasca Vlad

Prashan Maharjan's photo

Hey Vlad, I found you on Twitter and read this piece by you. I'm really grateful to you. You inspired me. You're doing a mighty fine job, man. Your tweets, as well, are very remarkable and worthwhile. Thank you. And happy new year.

Pasca Vlad's photo

thanks mate, appreciate it

Darren Finch's photo

This is so inspiring! Just keep learning and growing, and you'll get a full-time position in no time!

Pasca Vlad's photo

thanks for the support Darren!

Mohit Sehgal's photo

This is good stuff. I hope someone else would take a good piece of inspiration from this story. Nice one Vlad, keep going.

What are you doing currently?

Pasca Vlad's photo

As I said currently I am learning Javascript and building lots of projects with it

Make sure you follow me there because I always share what I'm currently doing there

Luc Constantin's photo

Excellent article my friend. Keep smashing it!

Faith James's photo

Nice one Vlad, and going to meetup helps too.

Pasca Vlad's photo

Yes, meetups help too, can't wait to go at one again🔥

Aderemi Chukwugozirim Adewole's photo

Woww, I'm 16 and I just started coding, this is inspiring

Pasca Vlad's photo

I am glad that I could inspire you

Edidiong Asikpo's photo

This is such a huge achievement Pasca Vlad, Congratulations. +1 to what you said about putting yourself out there because you really don't know who is watching. Yes, it might feel like we don't know enough or we are not good enough to share our thoughts and ideas but that's not true. We are good enough for someone, company, or team.

Pasca Vlad's photo

Sure, first you need to believe in yourself and in your skills

if you do this others will do the same

Prashan Maharjan's photo

Noted with thanks, Vlad. Pasca Vlad

Quyum Kehinde's photo

Amazing! This is so inspiring.

Victor Adeshile's photo

Good Job Pasca Vlad. The best way to learn is to share(By writing or some other way), teach and practice coding. You would get there sooner with a sound understanding of how programming works sooner than you would imagine!

Keep the light burning!

Pasca Vlad's photo

Thanks for these kind words mate, glad you liked my article

Varun's photo

This is very inspiring, Vlad!

Giancarlo's photo

This is really inspiring, keep it up Vlad. Also thanks for the ideas i'm going to implement some of them.

Pasca Vlad's photo

so glad to hear that

Nabeel Sarki's photo

your article encouraged me as a web developer